White Wolf MFR

The John F. Barnes'

Myofascial Release Approach®


I am grateful for anyone who wants to give me a testimonial.  I do not pay or compensate anyone in any way to write them. 

Tony is a highly skilled and experienced JFB MFR Therapist and has been helping me over the past 2 years with treating many fascial restrictions, which I held throughout my body. He is also very intuitive, which assisted him with identifying and treating the source of the painful restrictions. I have had numerous JFB MFR treatments from Tony and am grateful for his knowledge, thoroughness, compassion for his clients, and his outstanding expertise in his field.  Because of his treatments, I have been able to live a pain-free lifestyle and I am forever grateful.
I highly recommend that if anyone has any areas of pain and/or trauma, previous injuries and/or surgeries, that you see Tony, as I believe he will help you to get better.  -Ann

Tony is my go-to Massage Therapist.  I'm 73 with intermittent MS, arthritis in my neck, right hip, shoulder and hands.

I've been seeing Tony for about 2 years.  I would use the word 'amazing' to describe the results I have after his MFR treatments.

Recently, I was planning a trip to Turkey.  I was in such pain, that I thought I couldn't make the trip.  After a two-hour MFR treatment, not only did I make the trip, I didn't have to use my cane and was able to keep up with the tour group.  


I discovered Tony about 5 years ago, and I consider him to be (not kidding), sent from Heaven.  He performed MFR on my lumbar sacral and after, I did not have the tingling in my spine anymore.  He also has a marvelous way of finding 'just the right areas' in a way that other massage therapists do not.  I could not speak more highly of Tony.  Thank you.  


I began seeing Tony Grimm about two years ago.  After trying many different therapists at many different places, I am convinced that there is nobody better than Tony.  For years I have suffered from migraines and anxiety, which often leads to very tight shoulders, neck and head.  I began trying massage as a way to alleviate the pain that would accompany this and attempt to lessen the headaches.  While the massage would feel good, I often would not have any pain relief or experience any long lasting effects.  When I came in for a massage with Tony, I expected the same but what I got was amazing!  Tony introduced me to MFR and my pain management has never been better!  My migraines are much less than ever before and after a session of MFR, I notice a difference in the way I am able to function both physically and mentally.  In addition to Tony's skill, he is very good at talking to me about the properties of MFR, so I understand how the muscles and connective tissue work, as well as things I can do for myself between sessions.  MFR sessions with Tony have transformed my quality of life!  I could not possibly speak highly enough of Tony!  


I suffered a back injury about 4 years ago.  I did seek treatment for the injury and was given an X-ray that showed no damage.  I assumed I pulled a muscle and that not much could be done.  I usually only experienced pain if I did too much lifting of heavy objects, but I often felt pain at night while sleeping, a kind of gnawing pain.  I thought this was just something I had to live with, but I mentioned it to Tony.  He told me about MFR and suggested I try it.  After 1 session, I can already see results.  I don't have that pain and I hope it doesn't come back!!!  I will continue with the MFR, as needed!! Thanks Tony!!!


​I was introduced to myofascial release therapy about 8 years ago, and was shocked to experience the valuable impact of adhesion and restriction release to muscle and soft tissue flexibility. Over the years, I’ve had MFR treatments by 5 different MFR therapists, and I’ve got to say Tony is without a doubt the most gifted. His patient, intuitive hands find the source of restriction and return functionality. Save yourself time and money, see Tony for MFR before you spend money on other therapists or types of treatments. In one session, he fixed a knee that has been dysfunctional for over 12 years related to ACL/MCL tear. Outstanding therapist!!  --Sherrie